Mood Treatment with Antidepressants or Running

Measurement instruments

Collected information in MOTAR

Instrument Method Week
Week 6 Week 10 Week 16 Week 52
Primary outcomes
Biological aging: telomere length, telomerase activity Fasting blood samples Blood X X X
Secondary outcomes
Biological and general health indicators
Biomarkers (inflammation, metabolic syndrome) Fasting blood samples Blood X X X
Gene-expression (RNA) Fasting blood samples Blood X X X
HPA-axis (cortisol) 2 days of 6 saliva samples Saliva X X X
Oxidative stress Urine sample Urine X X X
Autonomic nervous system Electro + impedance cardiography, heart rate variability ME X X X
Blood pressure Systolic and diastolic BP ME X X X
Body composition Weight, height, waist+ hip circumfereence ME X X X
Physical condition Astrand sub max test ME X X X
Muscle strength Hand grip strength ME X X X
Lung function Peak expiratory flow ME X X X
Pain Chronic graded pain scale Int X X X
Somatization Short somatization questionnaire SR X X X
Disability severity WHO-DAS  II SR X X X
Depressive and anxiety disorders
Presence of MDD CIDI: MDD Int X X X
Presence of anxiety dis CIDI: SocPhob, Agora, GAD, PA Int X X X
Course of symptoms Life-chart Int X X X
Severity of depression Inventory of depressive symptoms SR X X X X X
Severity of anxiety Beck anxiety index and Fear questionnaire SR X X X X X
Sleep Insomnia Rating Scale Int X X X
Descriptive variables, potential confounding covariates and potential mediating variables
Age, gender, ethnicity Standard questions Int X
Socio-economic status Education, income, occupation Int X
Physical activity SQUASH questionnaire SR X X X
Smoking Past + current smoking questions SR X X
Medication use Drug container observation Int X X X
Regular alcohol intake AUDIT questionnaire SR X X
Somatic diseases Presence + symptoms of disease Int X X X
Health care Perceived need of care Int X X X
Work and disability Tic-P questionnaire Int X X X
Personality NEO-FFI questionnaire SR X X X
Locus of control Pearlin & Schooler mastery scale [103] SR X X X
Depression vulnerability LEIDS-R questionnaire SR X X X
Anxiety vulnerability Anxiety senstivity index SR X X X
Experimental cognitive task Implicit association test (IAT) CT X X X
Experimental memory task Digit Span (WAIS) Int X X X
Important neg + pos life events Brugha questionnaire Int X X X
Childhood Trauma Youth Trauma questionnaire SR X
Familiy history Familiy history inventory Int X
Neuroimaging assessment (subsample)
Verbal episodic memory 15-words test MRI x x x
Task-related brain activity Emotional face matching paradigm and N-back paradigm MRI x x x
Brain network connectivity Resting state MRI images MRI x x x
Process indicators (intervention adherence)
Exercise intervention group: Exercise participation and heart rate will be administrated during each session..
Antidepressant intervention group Side effect medication questionnaire Int   X X X
Adherence (pill count) Int X X X

SR=self-report, Int=interview, Blood=data collection via fasting blood sample, CT=computer task, ME=medical examination